Wednesday, July 31, 2013

290 Days : Another Happy Development...

Jim & I are both keen to create a really memorable wedding day but lots of couples have told us that the whole day flies past so fast that having a good photographer to capture really great photographs is super important!

A couple of friends who've recently been married have told me that although they love their wedding pictures, they wish they'd spent a bit more time researching options and chatting with other brides. Taking their advice on board I started looking early in our engagement for wedding photographers and taking lots of recommendations.

There are lots of fantastic wedding photographers in Northern Ireland & Ireland so it was a huge task looking through them.

It was important for both of us that we felt comfortable with our wedding photographer (particularly Jim, as I'm a bit of a poser really!!) and we wanted a photographer who would take brilliant formal photographs, as well as capture all the moments of the day that we miss with some great social shots. 

Last September we were very lucky to stumble across both the perfect wedding venue and the perfect wedding photographer in one search! Lauren Rutherford had just posted pictures from a beautiful wedding that she'd photographed at Riverdale in June 2012.

Esther & Tim's Wedding

I believe they'd had a pretty difficult day as far as weather goes, but Lauren had captured the most beautiful pictures of the bridal party, guests and venue.  They are simply stunning!

All Photos by Lauren Rutherford 

I'm sure the Esther and Tim are over the moon with their pictures!  Everytime I look at them I get more and more excited about our wedding day at Riverdale and working with Lauren.

Jim doesn't want to have an engagement shoot. I'm a bit disappointed and initially I felt a bit worried as I thought an engagement shoot would be a great way for our photographer to get to know us so they capture us at our best on our wedding day.  Having met with Lauren for the first time in June when we visited Riverdale the worries completely disappeared! I know she'll do a fantastic job next May and I can't wait to see our wedding pictures!


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