Monday, November 04, 2013

Dresses they wore to say 'I Do!' - Carrie Bradshaw

I've always been a massive Sex & the City fan, I even dragged my brother on the tour when we went to NYC in 2006.

Like a lot of SATC fans I was over the moon when Mr Big flew to Paris to finally sweep Carrie off her feet for good!  The first SATC movie is one of my favourites and I love the Vogue wedding fashion shoot. It's a fantastic montage of gorgeous haute couture gowns which must have been incredible to film (although I guess SJP is used to rocking designer dresses).

The Vivienne Westwood dress that Carrie is gifted is gorgeous with its very structured corseted bodice and the fabulous volume in the skirt. I love how it was styled for her actual wedding day.  When Carrie thought Big wasn't coming, I was heartbroken for her.  The wedding machine had taken over and the whole occasion has become too big for Big (an important lesson, I feel).

When I first started looking at dresses I really wanted something that stood out like Carrie's dress did.  I wanted something that would be memorable and so looked online at some more high fashion, unusual design wedding dresses. I've always wanted to be a 'Carrie' but I've never been brave enough with fashion and quickly decided our wedding day probably shouldn't be the day I start! The dress I've chosen couldn't really be any more different from Carrie's extremely striking Vivienne Westwood dress, and my wedding day 'look' will be much softer. I've gone for something more classic and definitely more me. I'm pretty sure all the magazine quizzes I took told me I'm a 'Charlotte' anyway...I'm happy with that, look how stunning she looked at her wedding to Harry.

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