Monday, December 02, 2013

Dresses they wore to say 'I Do!' - Charlene & Scott '

This post is not really about 'the dress' but I felt I couldn't talk about my favourite fictional weddings and not mention Aussie sweet hearts Scott and Charlene aka Jason and Kylie. I'm not sure if I actually remember watching that episode (I was quite small) but it was definitely an iconic wedding.  A bit of a Romeo and Juliet story of young love bringing two feuding families together.  Their wedding was the same year Kylie and Jason released 'Especially for You' - 25 years ago on 28th November - which makes me feel so very old!

'Especially for You' holds a special place in my heart and Jim thinks it's particularly weird that I have it on 7inch vinyl (charity shop find) but when I explained it all made sense.  As tiny 3 year old Amy, I used to make my Dad dance with me to this song in our living room.  Our signature move was when a ran from the fireplace and jumped and he lifted me and spun me round - we'd show those Strictly dancers a thing or two!!

I'm not sure we'll have a father-daughter dance but if we did this would be our song!

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