Thursday, March 20, 2014

57 Days : A Stomach Bug & A Wedding Band (no, not the guitar kind)

Last weekend I was rather ill with a stomach bug/food poisoning that left me stuck in bed from Thursday night pretty much 'til Sunday evening.  I was so disappointed to be sick as I had a really busy and exciting weekend planned with two particular highlights - my first Irish Dance performance and wedding ring shopping with Jim in Birmingham.

As I struggled to sit up and walk without feeling nauseous, I thought that bouncing around to a jig was out of the question so sadly text my apologies to Bernie my dance teacher.  

As Jim had already booked our trains and because this was the only weekend we both had free before the wedding, we made the trip to Birmingham loaded with anti-nausea tablets and water.

We had planned to visit some shops in the city centre, have lunch, then hit the Jewellery Quarter, followed by some drinks before getting the train back.  I'd read online that some couples had made a great saving on their wedding bands by purchasing them in the Jewellery Quarter and ever-economical we thought we'd definitely have to pay a visit.  

I wanted a plain platinum band, which needed to be quite thin to match my engagement ring and Jim priced one in the Jewellers in Leicester where he had purchased my ring.  Based on that price we headed to Birmingham to find a bargain.  

Unfortunately, we didn't manage a trip round the city centre, or a boozy lunch but instead headed pretty much straight to the Jewellery Quarter.  We had great plans to shop around and make sure we were definitely getting the best for our money.  Trying to decide which shop to visit first was nearly impossible.  There were so many shops selling wedding bands but a large sign on a wall of Marlow's advertising 'Platinum wedding bands at unbeatable prices' was the encouragement we needed and we made it our first stop.

I would love to say we stuck to our plan and trawled the Jewellery Quarter for hours bargaining and bartering but feeling as I did (very very ill by this point), we left Marlow's with a ring... and a complete bargain!!

My ring is a 2mm platinum ring.  I believe it's the heavier weight and it looks perfect alongside my engagement ring.  The ring Jim priced in Leicester had been a medium weight and our trip to Birmingham had definitely been worth it as we saved £200!!

If you are getting married (or planning to propose) and want to get the best for your money I highly recommend a visit to the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham (or London).


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