Wednesday, July 09, 2014

58 Days Married : Ashley Morhej MUA

On a daily basis I wish I had the skills to apply make-up well - to hide the bags under my eyes, (and hide blemishes), to contour my cheek bones and generally make me look photo ready at all times. Unfortunately, no matter how many Youtube tutorials I watch, this isn't going to happen (and I watch A LOT of tutorials!!) So choosing to have a Make-up Artist for our wedding was an easy decision.

Some research online and a recommendation by my lovely friend Sara led me to Ashley Morhej.  I'd seen Ashley's work before at fashion shows and fashion shoots and was sure she'd give me the soft and pretty look I wanted.

I had a trial in March and was very happy!  Ashley did my make-up early in the morning which was a great way to see how it lasted.  On the day of our wedding Ashley was so lovely to have there.  She was really chatty which kept my nerves at bay and had an amazing kit which even included some useful non-make-up bits that the girls took advantage of!

She started with mum who is naturally gorgeous but a bit nervous with applying eye make up. 

Then followed Fiona and Jenny - both absolutely stunning without make-up so Ashley just had to accentuate this.

And finally tackled me - a much tougher task!! After chatting with me she'd chosen gorgeous purples for my eyes and I had a few little individual false lashes on the outer edges of my eyes to really open them up.  Ashley chose a natural blush colour for my cheeks and a gorgeous pinky lip colour.  She did mention that tweaks could be made on my wedding day if I wanted a stronger lip or cheek colour when I was in my wedding dress and had my hair done but I felt really happy with the make-up she applied.  She is extremely talented. I still looked like me but with pretty, fluttery eyelashes, flawless skin and nice cheek bones! 

Having a Make-up Artist gave me one less thing to worry about on the morning of our wedding.  I didn't have to spend hours in front of the mirror correcting crooked eyeliner or worrying throughout the day about my nose getting shiny.  My make-up lasted all day with only lip gloss top-ups and a bit of powder before the evening party started.

Thank you so much Ashley!


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