Tuesday, July 22, 2014

66 Days Married : Food Glorious Food!

Being a vegan & a vegetarian it was important for us to have wedding meal that didn't contradict our values so we chose to have a completely vegan day.  All the food and drink served at the wedding was vegan.

After the ceremony our guests enjoyed tortilla chips and salsa accompanied by Apple and Elderflower Collins cocktails.

We asked the venue to stock vegan beer from a local brewery, Farmageddon, a co-op that our friend is involved with, and not to serve the beers that didn't contain or use animal products in the production (they ended up serving these anyway, unfortunately - nearly a vegan wedding then...).  

The wine served with dinner was Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc and Yellow Tail Shiraz.  This, along with the prosecco for toasts were also vegan - you'd be surprised how many bottles of wine we've come across that contain egg or milk!

Our wedding meal was so delicious.  After a morning of being busy and not really eating a lot it was just what I needed.  While the speeches took places guests enjoyed a vegan mezze.  This is my favourite starter/snack.  I love nibbling lots of different bits and pieces. 

Our main course to follow was vegan sausage and mash.  We had huge portions smothered with an amazing onion gravy. Dessert was almost too much for my tummy to handle! Vegan cupcakes, chocolate ice cream and mixed berries.  I missed out on getting a cupcake as Jim and I were chatting with friends and family but I'm pretty sure I couldn't have squeezed one in anyway!

Our vegan cake, as I've mentioned before,was baked, iced and decorated by my extremely talented bridesmaid and new sister-in-law Fiona.  It looked gorgeous and tasted amazing!  It had three layers - lemon and poppyseed, Victoria sponge and chocolate.  Fiona made her own coconut butter to make the frosting then decorated it with roses and rosemary from her mum's garden. It looked perfect and was exactly what we'd described to her.

During our evening reception the guests enjoyed rustic chip butties on artisan breads.  We had normal and sweet potato chips.  I LOVE sweet potato chips! Chips are exactly what I crave after a couple of drinks and hopefully our guests felt the same way!

Having a vegan wedding was important to us and our guests were so supportive.  We saw lots of empty plates heading back to the kitchen and even friends with the largest of appetites said they were very much satiated. 



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